Surin, Phuket
Surin, Phuket
Surin, Phuket
Surin, Phuket


A stay at Villa Borimas includes personal service from a welcoming team of friendly and professional staff. They know everything about the local area and are there to make sure your holiday is an enjoyable experience. Have a chat with the Villa Manager on arrival to discuss how much staff presence you are comfortable with.

Villa Manager

The English-speaking Villa Manager is the overall in-charge of the villa and staff. She is your go-to-person if you have any questions or issues and can assist with laundry requirements or help supply the WiFi password.


The villa’s talented private chef is on-site to prepare breakfast daily and is trained in local and international cuisines if guests wish to enjoy lunch or dinner in the villa.

Villa attendants

Their role is to keep the villa spotless, and in order. They also help prepare and serve meals, if required.

Garden and pool

Gardeners ensure Villa Borimas’ tropical gardens are cared for and pool attendants keep the villa’s personal pool well-maintained.

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