Enjoy authentic and delicious Thai dishes prepared by your own personal chef while staying at Villa Borimas. The villa has a tempting suggestion menu for you to choose from. If you have any special dietary requirements or prefer your kids’ meals to be made a certain way (we all know how particular they can be), just discuss it with the chef, who will be more than happy to adapt the menu to your preferences.

Thai cuisine is a treasure trove of delicacies that play a harmonious symphony on your palate. Try local dishes during your villa holiday, such as Pad Krapow, wherein meat is flash-fried with holy basil and doused in a generous amount of chilli and garlic. Massaman Gai is a creamy slow-cooked red curry with fresh coconut milk, roasted peanuts and chicken, while the popular Pad Thai, a stir-fried rice noodle dish cooked in a very hot wok with chilli, garlic, tofu and eggs, served up with shrimp or chicken, is favoured by many.

If you would like to enjoy meals in the villa, just let the Villa Manager know, so it can be prepared in advance. Ideally, a day’s notice is required to allow enough time to buy groceries and prepare meals.

Provisions for in-villa meals will be purchased by the chef and charged to guests at cost plus a 20% handling fee. You may supply the staff with a ‘float’ to cover grocery shopping, and receipts will be provided to you at the end of your stay.

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